Route Service

Route pick-up service is for qualified customers located in Arizona processing larger volumes of controlled and non-controlled pharmaceuticals on a regular interval. 


Route service is scheduled monthly.  Special pick-ups are available.  To request a special pick-up please email us.

How it works:

Get us the Inventory

  • Pick the material that is expired, damaged or unneeded

  • Fill out the Inventory forms

  • Email us the inventory

Get on the Schedule

  • We review inventory

  • Your location is added to the Route

How pick-up works at your facility

  • Containers are checked in

  • The weight is recorded

  • Controlled substances are segregated

  • Records of pick-up are provided

Wrapping it up

  • Once the material is fully processed at our facility a Record of Transfer is sent for your records.

Get added to a Route email us Today!