Simple Rate Box
Quick Start Guide


  • Pick expired, damaged or unused pharmaceuticals in stock inventory including CII-CV, Listed Chemicals, Rx Only & OTC


  • Inventory these pharmaceuticals and record on appropriate 123 CL Inventory Form.(CI-II, CIII-V or Non-Controlled)


  • Email or fax completed Inventory Form to 123 CL for Return Authorization


  • For CII pharmaceuticals, 123 CL will prepare a DEA Form 222 which you must receive before you ship any CII substances.  We recommend contacting our staff the first time you have CII substances to ship

Inventory Forms


  • Pack USPS Flat Rate Box (official USPS box must be used)


  • Wrap liquids in cushioning material & place in a zip top bag to avoid leaks


  • Place CIIs in a zip top bag – mark “CII” on bag


  • Place one copy of all 123 CL Inventory Forms and one copy of your DEA Form 222(s) in the box and keep originals for your records


  • Contact 123 CL Staff and request a shipping label (please indicate box size(es) used)


  • 123 CL will send a prepaid USPS Priority Mail label(s) via email or fax

Get the Guide

Packing Guide


  • Seal the box securely


  • Attach USPS Priority Mail label to outside of box


  • Drop at your nearest Post Office or give to your Mail Carrier

U. S. Post Office

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